Frequently Asked Questions

Do you come to me?

Yes! We are 100% mobile and can come right to your door!

How long does it take?

The whole process takes approximately 2 hours. We take the time it needs to make sure you are weight safe.

What do the acronyms mean?

GVM | Gross Vehicle Mass
GTM | Gross Trailer Mass
ATM | Aggregate Trailer Mass
GCM | Gross Combination Mass
TBM | Tow Ball Mass

I have just purchased an Off Road vehicle to get away in and go camping, and I want to fit a roof rack, dual battery system, fridge, long range fuel tank and carry all my camping equipment, along with my family, how much weight can carry?

The weight you can carry is determined by the manufactures Compliance plate on your vehicle known as GVM: Gross Vehicle Mass: your loaded vehicle cannot exceed your Vehicles GVM: our job at Be Weight Safe is to ensure that when you travel with your family you are at your legal carrying capacity of your vehicle, by having your Vehicle weighed by BE Weight Safe you will have the peace of mind that you are Weight Safe.

I have just fitted a bull bar, lift kit and spot lights to my 4WD will that effect the towing capacity of my 4WD when towing my caravan.

YES any additions to your tow vehicle will increase the Tare weight, therefore will in turn change the GVM and GCM of your tow vehicle, requesting Be Weight Safe to come out and weigh your Vehicle and Caravan combination will ensure when you hit the road for that long awaited trip you will Be Weight Safe.